Susana López

We Love You (2014, 10:00)
Field recordings transformed and combined with electronic sounds in SuperCollider.

Fenomenologia (2012, 07:09)
Field recordings transformed and combined with computer processed and electronic sounds.

Coil (2014, 20:00)
Musica and Video: Susana López

Vortex (2010, 04:16)
Music and video: Susana López

Study For Image – Event Ocean (2014, 20:00)
Video: Susana López
Audio: Thomas Bey William Bailey

susanna lopezSusana López

Visually trained artist, experimental composer and Master in Electroacoustic Composition. Since 2009 she has been working with sound and light, exploring how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our consciousness and alter our perception. Her compositions are being made from field recordings that she transforms and combines with electronic sounds in an attempt to create hypnagogic states. She has published her works in compilations like Murcia Materia Sonora (Francisco López, Murcia), Oír Arte (Madrid), Música Dispersa Vol 1 (Música Dispersa, London), Microtopies 2013 y 2014 (Gràcia Territori Sonor, Barcelona), El Arte y su sonido (LABoral, Gijón), Homenaje a Aram Slobodian (AMEE- Spanish Electro-acoustic Music Association, Valencia), Vinfonies (Barcelona).

She has carried out Sound Art installations as Noosfera Sonora, in Puertas de Castilla Cultural Centre, Murcia, and Arquitecturas sonoras, collective sound installation in CentroCentro, Madrid.

In addition to his work as a composer, he has designed covers, posters, performed live visuals and scenery for various artists and groups.

Since 2010, she carries out the cataloguing and digitization of SONM, the Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art at Puertas de Castilla Cultural Centre (Murcia), established in 2010 by Francisco López.

Currently, she has a project of experimental-noise-industrial Listas Futuristas.