SUPER-SENSOR issues #1 y #2
e-Magazine of/on/around Experimental Sound and Related Stuff

Edited/Curated by Francisco López
Web and Graphic Design by Susana López
Released by SONM – Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art
Puertas de Castilla, Ayuntamiento de Murcia (Murcia, Spain)
Francisco López Fundation
sonm.es | sonmarchive.es

Physical Releases at ROTOR DISCOS & DISKPOL


‘SUPER-SENSOR’ is a non-profit curated electronic magazine of/on/around experimental music, noise, sound art and related areas and practices. Here, ‘magazine’ is understood in a very wide sense, like the original etymological generic container of different goods. You can think of it as a free crossbreed combination of audio compilation, essay collection, film/video anthology, etc. Additionally, ‘audio’ is conceived here as a very ample territory of significant confluence for a multiplicity of creators, disciplines, ideas and sensibilities.

‘SUPER-SENSOR’ aims at creating a suggestive entry point/teaser into the work of the featured artists/creators. The contents come in all kinds of digital formats (audio and video files, text/graphic documents, images, code/software executable files, etc.) and are published –together with biographical and contact information- exactly as submitted by the contributing artists/creators. Contributors also choose and indicate individually the rights’ status of their submitted materials (copyright, no copyright, creative commons, etc.).

‘SUPER-SENSOR’ is published digitally, both online and on a physical release. The online version has generally a lower resolution and is accessible via streaming and/or downloading, as chosen individually by the contributing artists/creators. The physical release includes all the digital contents on a USB flat memory card (“Slim card USB drive”).



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