Alessandro Olla & Juan Manuel Castrillo


Score for no land is a piece born out of electroacoustic improvisation. Part of the sonic material consists of field recordings which has been used preserving their contextual information. Other recordings are processed so they become completely abstract. Although the piece was conceived through experimentation, a form was established by organising the sounds according to their sonic characteristics.
This project is a collaboration between two artists who share the same technical and aesthetic concerns, regarding the use of sound as a creative material. Alessandro Olla’s work as a composer, performer and researcher in the electronic music and electroacoustics converges with Juan Manuel Castrillo’s work as a sound technician/ artist/ designer percussionist and improviser.

Alessandro Olla
Prolific and multi-faceted artist, Alessandro Olla has invested a major part of his creative effort in transgressing musical formalities and academicism. His skills forged in classical studies that included piano, composition and electronics, he was soon tempted by the possibilities of the freest slopes of sonic creation, entering into the turbulent but exciting fields of improvisation, experimentation and risk-taking electronics. In the course of those trips he has been able to count on the collaboration of major figures of the most uncompromising musical activism.
As a result of this fertile curiosity and of his aim of dissolving the prison walls surrounding different disciplines, the work of Alessandro Olla started spreading, as of a decade ago, in multiple directions. Those directions have led to his involvement in projects that incorporate visual and scenic factors such as speakers (creations for installation, films and theatre and dance shows, performances), to express the poetical and sonorous
possibilities of objects and matter, or to rediscover certain physical phenomena through the eye of a bold evocation.Currently Alessandro Olla is teacher of electroacustic composition at Cagliari music Conservatory.

Juan M. Castrillo
Was born in Jujuy (Argentina). He received a degree in Sound Engineering from La Metro Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación Audiovisual (Argentina), also holds a Master of Sound Art and Master of Art for Social Transformation, Social Inclusion, and Community Development: Artistic Mediation both from the University of Barcelona (Spain).
Currently, his artwork explores the possibilities of sound as an agent within processes of social and/or political struggles. He uses recordings of oral testimonies, protests, everyday life, etc. to compose cultural objects which are presented in the form of concerts or installations. Also designs and produces audio for theater productions, dance, and different
audiovisual media.
He is the founder of Earwitness label and some of his sound work has been released by Gruenrekorder (Germany), Impulsive Habitat (Portugal), TiConzero (Italy), Sudamérica Electrónica (Argentina), among others.
Castrillo’s work has been presented at: Le Consortium Center d’Art Contemporain (Dijon, France), Phonophon (Frankfurt, Germany), International Annual Experimental Music Meeting LEM (Barcelona, Spain), II International Congress of Anthropology AIBR (Barcelona, Spain), Signal Festival X (Sardinia, Italy), Arts Center Santa Mónica (Barcelona, Spain), Convent Sant Agustì Civic Center (Barcelona, Spain), Sala Paraninfo
(University of Barcelona, Spain), Hangar (Barcelona, Spain), Teatro Principal de Valencia (Valencia, Spain), Escola d’Art i Disseny of Reus (Tarragona, Spain), Cultural Center Spain Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Recoleta Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Emilio Caraffa Museum (Córdoba, Argentina) , Chateau Contemporary Art
Center (Córdoba, Argentina), La Cúpula Art Gallery / Media Lab (Córdoba, Argentina), etc.

Juan Manuel Castrillo

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