Alonso Vazquez

0_Aansteker by a⠁


…A lighter can be,
a small thing to hold in hand
infinite in air…

By a⠁edited by Jurian Vermoolen


Lighters are not Toys. Teach children that matches and lighters, even Child-Resistant lighters, are tools for adults, not toys for children. Keep all matches and lighters well out of children’s reach. Teach children not to touch matches or lighters, and in the event they find any, they should tell an adult immediately. Never give children matches or a lighter to play with. If a child is bored, especially when away from home, give him or her a toy to play with, or paper and crayons to draw with. Don’t think that because you’re watching a child, nothing will happen. Don’t send a child the message that matches and lighters can be playthings. Never invite a child to blow out a match or hold the lighter while you light it. These actions only entice a child to try making fire on his or her own.”…


DIGITAL ALBUM #0_Aansteker by a⠁

This album is made possible by recording sounds of Isobutane Gas (C4H10) from a common gas lighter (Aansteker) and processing them digitally.
The field recording compositions are made solely with a Isobutane Gas lighter and recorded with binaural OKM microphones.
It’s highly recommended to listen this album in a quiet place and preferably by using HEADPHONES.

*When purchasing this digital album you are contributing to destroy the planet.
Released May 1, 2016

Sound by Alonso Vazquez. Text edited by Jurian Vermoolen and BIC®.
Special thanks to Jurian Vermoolen for his infinite support and thanks to BIC® to foster my addiction to lighters and gas.

0_Aansteker by a⠁is registered with Creative Commons license 4.0:

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