Angélica Castelló

1 || La Fontaine 1 (2010)

2 || Louise (2008)

“La Fontaine 1” and “Louise” were released 2011 on the label mosz records Angélica Castelló: Bestiario [mosz024] ­ CD + digital

Composition, various instruments, recordings and mix: Angélica Castelló
Mastering: Martin Siewert
©Angélica Castelló 2011

“Complex, many­layered sound paintings, rough surfaces beneath which very often something concrete lurks: sounds full of warmth, poetic tenderness, moving fragility. ‘Bestiario’ tells stories about yearning, loneliness, death, but also about a sense of security, about moments of happiness, about things one leaves behind. Stories about farewells and new beginnings. Stories about life.” Andreas Felber, Der Standard, Ö1

“… pieces of musique concrete, electro­acoustic and an excellent montage of sounds, with the necessary field recordings to go along, sizzling electronics. Music that evokes images and could easily be used as a great soundtrack. Evocative stuff that is just excellent.” Frans de Waard Vital Weekly 773

Angélica Castelló

Composer, Sound Artist. Her sound work and compositions concentrates on fragility, dream world and the subconscious. Performs continuously solo or in collaborations everywhere between Mexico City and Vienna. Numerous compositions for ensembles, radio works as well as installations that operate at the interface of music, performance and visual arts. Several releases on labels like Interstellar records, Mikroton recordings, Monotype records, Mosz etc.


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