Edson Zampronha

The Great Bullroarer
An electroacoustic work composed by Edson Zampronha

The Zumbidor (Bullroarer) is an ancestral instrument that is also found in Brazilian native cultures. It consists of a piece of wood attached to a string which is twisted at a high speed to produce a roaring sound. When a long string is used the roaring sound and the sense of spatial movement may be impressive. El Gran Zumbidor re-creates the sound of this instrument in the electroacoustic domain, and the roaring sound vigorously move spatially both in the recording and in the concert room. This spatial movement is the key element in this work. Besides, there are other sounds from Brazilian native cultures (low pitched flutes, for instance) which are used to produce other electronic music sounds. The vigorous sound from the Zumbidor and these other electronic music sounds collide, producing fierce and dense textures which grow and take us to an apotheotic conclusion.
El Gran Zumbidor was commissioned by the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) with the support of IBERMUSICAS.

© 2013

Edson Zampronha
In 2017 he was an honored composer at the IV Brazilian Contemporary Music Festival for his contributions to the Brazilian contemporary music. He received two outstanding awards from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics (Brazil) and he won the 6th Sergio Motta Award, the most outstanding prize on Art and Technology in Brazil for the sound installation Poetic Attractor, created with the SCIArts Group.
His catalog includes more than 100 works for orchestra, symphonic band, opera, choir, ballet, theater, sound installation, electroacoustic music, performance, chamber music and film. He has received commissions from different groups and institutions, as from the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne (Germany); the São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra Foundation–OSESP (Brazil); the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts – CMMAS
(Mexico), and the XXI Biennial for the Brazilian Contemporary Music–FUNARTE (Brazil).
He has a Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics – Arts, by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and he has developed a Post-Doctorate research on Music at the University of Helsinki (Finland). He is a Professor at the University of Oviedo, Spain.

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