Juan Cantizzani

Work title: Fisicoarmónico (from the album Resoride 24”).
Creation date: 2007.
Format: Audio, Stereo. 22.40 min.
License: Creative Commons 3.0 Spain license.

Allowed to streaming and download in original uncompressed version (Download).

Resoride 24 cover-exterior

Juan cantizzani

Juan Cantizzani

Lucena (Córdoba). Spain 1978. Involved with several arts and cultural production projects on the field of sound, space and perception, working on site-specific installations, live performances or research projects. He studied music at the Conservatory of Lucena 1996-2006 and got a bachelor in Art Science at the Royal Academy of Art and the Conservatory of The Hague, The Netherlands 2008-2012. He has presented some of his works at different programs as Tabacalera (Madrid), ZooArt (Cuneo-Italy), Lekstraat- Schenkkade tunnel, Project space Parterretrap or Studio Loos (The Hague), Lokal 01 (Breda), LEM Festival and MINIM (Barcelona), REMOR (Girona), Red Rouse Club (London), West Hill Hall (Brighton), Blip Fest (Berlin) or HS63 (Brussels).

He has conducted workshops and pedagogic sessions as a guest teacher in the Faculty of Jaén (Master in Research Arts, Music and Aesthetic Education), Faculty of Social Work in Granada, Fine Arts University of Pontevedra and Presjovem music school. He has also attended to several workshops at CAAC-Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, Alcalá de Henares University, Manuel de Falla workshops, CDMC Madrid, Málaga University… with artists and composers as Stefano Russomano, Jose M a Sánchez Verdú, José Antonio Orts, Eduardo Polonio, Salvatore Sciarrino, Alvin Lucier, Klaus Huber, Peter Bosch, Cristian Vogel, Rupert Huber or Evru (Zush).

In 1999 he founded the social collective Weekend Proms http://weekendproms.tumblr.com, working since then on cultural production field with projects like “Sensxperiment” www.sensxperiment.es, “Andalucía_Soundscape” www.andaluciasoundscape.net or “MASE-History and presence of Sound Art in Spain” www.mase.es


Resoride 24 cover-interior

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