Nicolas Wiese & mise_en_scene // “Introjection” CD (2012)

One Possible Prelude Towards Introjection
An Objective Towards Cognitive Introgression
Break And Enter – Six Feet Above Ochlocracy
The Sneaking Towards The Nucleus Accumbens

Shinkei & mise_en-scene // “scytale” CD (2009)


mise_en-scene & Audio Architecture //“Movements in Chromatic Sequences” Cassette (2009)

Side A: Contures of Leafs (Version II `Mind Snare ́)

Simon Whetham & mise_en-scene

“Eineandereweltstrasse” CD (2010)

mise_en_scene is Shay Nassi from the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel.
Shay (1977) began to study the art of sound engineering at Jordan Valley College in the north of Israel, where he gained a degree in Practical Sound Engineering. The skills obtained there are clearly visible in the quality and acoustic depth of his production and sound design.

Mise_en_scene’s sound is characterized with a style owing as much to the delicate material treatments of minimalism and the lower case movement as it does to the more pensive side of noise, which is marked by a great sense of spatial control, instrumental delicacy and arrangement-related sensibility. (tokafi)



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