>> 56480 like clockwork, 12 minutes
“So must one be resigned to being a clock that measures the passage of time, now out of order, now repaired, and whose mechanism generates despair and love as soon as its maker sets it going?”
From Solaris, Stanisław Lem.

>> 56690 world of stone, 9 minutes
“Run away! Today! Or tomorrow. But tomorrow might already be too late! Because what do people become around here? They just burn out like this old mountain that was once a volcano. And they will all be left with hearts of stone in the end. Hard stones. Cold stones. This is such a dead world!”
Text adapted from the English subtitles from the Hungarian film Ház asziklák alatt (The House Under the Rocks), dir. Makk Károly, 1959.

>> 57080 sentinel, 11 minutes
1. Sonified weather data from the city of Philadelphia.
2. Magnetic spectrum data of a so-called ‘singing comet.’
3. ESA launch of a Sentinel satellite, altered.
4. Field recording of distant bells as heard from the Betlemy neighborhood of Tbilisi.
Nos. 1–3: From, and by following links on that web page, and the comments.
No. 4: Recording made 2.07.2015, starting at 17:15, at coordinates: 41 deg 41′ 19.42″ N, 44 deg 48′ 20.98″ E
Betlemy district, Tbilisi, Georgia.



>> 56630 a crimea in impressions

A Crimea in Impresions

A Crimea in Impresions

text, 817 words + 30 images + recording

The seagull song from У самого синего моря (By the Bluest of Seas),
director Boris Barnet, 1936, as lip-synched by E. A. Kuz’mina.

Images from the Crimea, October 2013.

>> 56708 solaris



text, 475 words + 20 images + 3 recordings

The text Solaris, about the island of Mallorca.

Sounds recorded on the island of Mallorca, referenced in the text.

Images from the island of Mallorca, January, 2014.

>> 56939 father of apples

56939 father of apples

56939 father of apples

text, 764 words + 31 images + 31 recordings + 2 related file casts

The text Father of Apples, about the city of Almaty.

All the track from the cassette purchased at the Museum of kazakh.
Musical Instruments performed by Abylai Zhumakanovich Tugelbaev.

Images from the city of Almaty, September, 2004.

nula.ccThe project, consists of a ser­ies of file­casts, each an as­semb­lage of sounds, im­ages, or words, and made avail­ab­le for down­load, shar­ing, com­men­tary, and fur­ther man­i­pu­la­tion.

File­casts are gen­er­al­ly, though not ex­clus­ive­ly, cre­ated from found ma­ter­ial, assembled together with field recordings or other original source material. The ten­den­cy here will simp­ly be to let the works speak for themselves as much as possible. However, each individual filecast is accompanied by more or less de­tailed clues as to the sig­ni­fi­cance, con­text, or possible in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the works off­ered. These descriptions generally take brevity to be a primary virtue.

An abiding theme in all this is an affirmation of the primacy of context, subjectivity, and the essential collectivity of cultural creation. It posits that our response to the thing before us is itself a subject. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the word nula means zero in many languages.


>> 55032 ekh dorogi

This video filecast was made as a brief transitional section that connected two longer sequences from our long-form motion picture project pareidolia. Here we offer it as an independent work, a series of visual elements responding to a recording of a Russian song from the World War II era.

>> 56000 ostinato


>> 56911 play of light


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