Pali Meursault

A1 cycle 1
A2 cycle 2
A3 cycle 3
A4 cycle 4
A5 cycle 5
B1 flux 1
B2 #
B3 flux 2

offset is the exploration of the soundscape of a printing workshop, a journey in the depth of the mechanical and industrial energy of rotary presses.
Composed from field recordings made in two different printing facilities (in Grenoble and Paris from november 2011 to february 2012), the work is deliberately situated in between the sound document about the over-determined environment of a work place, and electroacoustic re-composition/manipulation of electroacoustic sound matter. A series of variations on textures, rhythms, cycles and patterns formed by the producing and reproducing machines.

Pali Meursault is a sound artist, composer and sound engineer living in Paris. He uses field recordings and made-up instruments to create sound matter for records, radio works, installations and performances; sometimes he works for films or performing arts; some other times he writes, speaks or teaches.

LP originally co-released by doubtfulsounds & universinternational
doubt11 / 2013 / 33 rpm / stereo
[This work is copyrighted to Pali Meursault and made available for streaming and as a limited digital edition by Super-Sensor, 2017 — All matters of use & copyright shall be resolved promptly by contacting the author with a nice e-mail.]

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