Rod Summers

Hjalteyri Scales

‘Hjalteyri Scales’
A 4-channel audio installation / drama and performance for the Herring Factory, Hjalteyri. 5-27 July 2014.
Casting the mesh into uncharted waters can result in an unexpected catch. When Loki broadcast his sperm into Angurboða we may be religiously sure he didn’t expect to net a ravenous wolf, a writhing serpent and sheer hell. These days scientists, bolstered by the support of paper reputations, willingly inform that mobility instigated global warming has caused fish shoal disappearance but I maintain (in this work at least) that the real cause of fishy absenteeism is the result of container ship noise pollution, the European common agriculture policy and speculative chocolate.
The Hjalteyri Scales is the stereo mix down of a 4 channel audio work which sought to bring a cubist balance into the remotest corners of places of abandoned employment.

Thanks to Jóhann Kristinsson for giving permission to use his song. Thanks to Gústav Bollasson for the organisation.
No copyright, but the composer requests notification of reworkings or excerpt use: []

Mr. Summers: May 2014, Three Land Point, Vaals, The Netherlands [the place where Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet]. Photo by Otto Ramakers, Glass ball by Sergey de Rocambole [St Petersburg]

Rod Summers / VEC (born 1943 in England) audio artist/sound poet, has been working with sound since 1961 and is credited as one of the pioneers of the 1970/80 audio cassette revolution with his VEC AUDIO EXCHANGE project. He has produced 63 audio CDs to date and has at least two new works in the pipeline.

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