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album: A Rose is a Rose
tracks: 1, 6
label: dOC (Austria)
written, recorded and produced by Vitor Joaquim more info
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copyright: Vitor Joaquim (SPA), 2004

Vitor Joaquim – A Rose is a Rose (track 1)
Vitor Joaquim – A Rose is a Rose (track 6)

album: Geography
tracks: Geography (1), Cantino (2)
label: Crónica (Portugal)
written, played and produced by Vitor Joaquim more info + press release
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Vitor Joaquim – Geography (track 1 Geography)
Vitor Joaquim – Geography (track 2 Cantino)

Inspired by Guns, Germs and Steel, The Fates of Human Societies (1997) a book by Jared Diamond.
copyright: Vitor Joaquim (SPA), 2016

 Vitor Joaquim

Based in Setúbal, Portugal. Researcher, teacher, electronic experimentalist, sound and visual artist, graduated in sound and film directing with a PhD in computer music.  
He started performing music and working with contemporary dance by the mid ‘8Os. Since then, he has created extensively for dance, theatre, video, installations and cross-media platforms. Collaborations with collectives and creators such as  Mark Haim, Coogan Dancers, Vera Mantero, Errequeerre, Mónica Calle, Paulo Ribeiro, João Galante, João Samões, Annabelle Bonnery, Stephanie Thiersch, La Macana, Guillermo Weickert and Rui Horta. With Rui Horta he created the music for LP and the widely acclaimed and prized Pixel, among other works. With the Spanish choreographer Guillermo Weickert, among several musical compositions, he directed the also acclaimed and prized Go With The Flow, a dance stage adaptation of his cd Flow.

Until now, he has 12 album releases and a long list of collaborations in compilations and remixes.
In 1997, the cd Tales From Chaos (under the alias Free Field) was considered one of the 10 records of the year and one of the 10 Portuguese electronic records of all times. In 2006, Flow cd was listed by the Wire magazine as one of the best electronic records of the year. Filament, his fifth solo release was nominated for best Experiment and received the GRM Prize on Qwartz Awards 2013 and was listed as one of the best drone/ambient works by Indie Rock Magazine. Since Geography (2016), considered by Indie Rock Magazine as one of the best albums of the year, Joaquim has received meritorious criticisms and nominations as “best of the year” in several publications and charts.

He collaborated with many international artists, such as @c, Scanner, Stephan Mathieu, Simon Fisher Turner, Phil Niblock, Harald Sack Ziegler, Colleen, Pure, Sergi Jordà, Marc Behrens, o.blaat, Ran Slavin, Julien Ottavi, Greg Haines, Gunther Heinz, Joe Giardullo, Carlos Zíngaro, Ulrich Mitzlaff, Nuno Rebelo, Carlos Santos, Pedro Carneiro and Emidio Buchinho among others.
Over the years, on most of his solo acts, Joaquim opted to play or in total darkness, as a way to increase the sense of sound, or with visual artists such as the long time collaborators Thr3hold, Lia, Hugo Olim, Laetitia Moraes, Carsten Goertz, P.MA (Pedro Maia), Michael Armingeon, Phillip Rahlenbeck – KE4, André Sier, Nina Juric, Gabriel Shalom and Alba G. Corral.
Even though he loves to play solo, it’s in the electronic real-time collaborations and live sampling that Joaquim is been mostly involved while playing live and touring all over Europe, in music and dance performances at festivals such as Klangshphäre 2019 Ambientfestival, Sulfure Festival, Semibreve, Atlantic Waves, IFI, CAMP, Ultrasound, Lem, CocArt, Madeiradig, Storung, Artech, Sonica, Intr:Muros, Trendelenburg, Mes de Danza,  MU.DA, etc.. Highlight on performances and presentations in places such as Spitz (UK), MC2 (Grenoble), Mercat dels Flors (Barcelona),  I.C.A. (UK), NRW (Dusseldorf), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), Teatro Central (Sevilla) Instants Chavirés (Paris), Casa Encendida (Madrid), KHM (Cologne), Cinema Club (Kiev) and Kino Siska (Ljubljana).
In Portugal he has presented work in virtually all the regular places for experimental art like ZDB, CCB,  Culturgest, Gulbenkian Foundation, Serralves Foundation, and Casa da Musica.
Simultaneously to his own artistic work on sound and music, he directed a few pieces in contemporary performance, video art and video mapping, and has been invited to advise programmers and curators in several festivals and events in Europe. From 2000 to 2009, he produced EME Festival, an event dedicated to experimental arts and non-standard music. Among other acts, he underlines Paolo Angeli, Oval, Tim Hecker, Hauschka, Frank Bretschneider, Scanner, Tina Frank, Lia, Gabriel Anton Irrisari, Freiband, Stephan Mathieu, Colleen, Freiband, Biosphere, Zavoloka, Murcof, Sanso-xtro, etc.

He has been teaching and coordinating sound and audiovisuals in art schools since the 90’s. He is a researcher in computer music at CITAR – Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts, Porto.


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