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The Great American Cassette Masters (2015) This film features the pioneers of the home taping cassette network that began in the early 1980’s and continues today. They forged the way before the internet and created a network of musicians and artists that spanned the globe.

The New Punks (2016) After the inception of punk rock, these musicians took the notion many steps forward. Featuring: The Haters, Hunting Lodge, Audio Leter, Debt of Nature, Beth Custer Ensemble, Trance Mission, Borbetomagus, Medicine, John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America.

Ziners (2016) OP, Sound Choice, ND, OPtion and Unsound were some of the zines that linked a worldwide community before the internet. This film highlights interviews with the people who created some of the groundbreaking zines of the 80’s.

The People’s Music (2016) This film documents the 2013 Saint Petersburg Noise Festival. All material Copyright William Davenport 2016

BIO: William Davenport is a documentary filmmaker, musician, publisher, writer, teacher and autism activist. He is best known for his documentary films about autism, also for his work as the publisher of Unsound magazine, and as the founding member of the experimental/noise band Problemist. In 2011 Davenport directed the feature documentary “Too Sane for This World”. This film explores the challenges, gifts and unique perspectives of 12 adults on the autism spectrum. In 2013 Davenport directed the feature documentary “Citizen Autistic”. The history of civil rights in America has been marked by the hard-­‐won progress of one category after another of oppressed and marginalized citizens who stand up and demand recognition, respect, and equal access to the benefits of modern society. In 2014 Davenport released the short documentary “Conquering Heights”, the story of a man on the autism spectrum who completed a 100-mile ski expedition. Davenport has been working on a series of films that focus on the music and zine scenes that originated in the 1980’s. In 2016 he completed the series of films under the title Unsound Redux. The four films explore the world of experimental and noise music: “The Great American Cassette Masters”, “The New Punks”. “Ziners” and “The People’s Music”. He is currently working on three documentaries: “Citizen Autistic 2”, “Hunting Lodge: The Story of Two Nomad Souls”, and “Media About Media About Media; The Negativland Story”.

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