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Sons Rars

1. You are lucky, me too!

© copyright 2004

Festival “Le bruit de la neige”. Compilation “Hommage à Luigi Russolo” (Track 14), “cinq minutes pour anéantir le silence” Saturday May 28, 2005, Annecy, France.
With the financial support of the City of Annecy, the General Council of Haute- Savoie, the Rhône-Alpes Region, Brice Glace and Sacem.

* note: The title refers to the luck of having the original sounds of the intonarumori, and being able to mix them with digital media.

6. Mis labores suizas labores suizas.mp3

© copyright 2005

Compostion and production, digital sound wave modification effects and digital sample mixing.
Invitation of the sound artist and international curator Lieutenant Caramel to create a composition, with original recordings of the intonarumori of the Luigi Russolo Foundation.

Household sound recordings while I vacuum, wash dishes, iron, scrub the floor and clean the sink; sound sources from the sound library of the public library of France, recordings at La Seu d’Urgell at the Joan Canal and Solsierai house, dog snoring, cicada loops and the Pyrenees soundscape.

Digital sound wave modification effects, pure data sequencer, electronics, synthesis filters, mixes and production.

Io Casino concert tour May 2004, Schweiz-Deutschland-Andalucía.

Wioland drin Baetuloland

Collection of improvisations recorded between 1 and 29 February 2013.

4. 04_06_2013

© copyright 2013

Recording the MS20 synthesizer on two stereo channels with Audacity.

5 05_06_2013

© copyright 2013

Recording my studio soundscape with rain and MS 20 synthesizer on two stereo channels with Audacity manipulated with digital waveform effects.


recorded August, 2009 released January 1, 2010

© copyright 2010
Garageband digital instruments: organ, bass and violin, with sound effects and garageband mixing. Recorded during the launch of the Dicovery spacecraft in August 2009.


3 wand

© copyright 2003

Recording of the cicada from the town of Colera in August under the railway bridge, with a lot of wind, with a mini-disc. Electric bass and vocals sequenced with live Ableton, synthesis filters and digital sound effects and mixed with Protools.

>> Plastic and sound artist.

She starts drawing with the metal nib with ink in 1982, the stroke is the main axis of her creation until today. Has exhibited her plastic work since 1987; investigated: painting, visual poetry, sound art, radio, sculpture, photography and video. She has been internationally recognized as an artist and sound producer.

As a cultural producer and curator in the field of public institutions; and with the will of public service, 1991-2019 has produced and disseminated the creation of nearly 3,000 artists; encourages and trains artists and organizations; has created networks and models of work.

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